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Rutgers Ethics Armor Program

The new Ethics Armor provides a streamlined ethics reporting system. From the menu on the left, faculty and staff will be able to access the policies that drive the program and FAQs on certain requirements. Faculty and staff are able to access each of the required forms on the system and complete each one electronically. Tutorials on the use of the program are available at the ethics website: www.uec.rutgers.edu

Rutgers, the premier public research university in New Jersey, is a steward of the public trust. As university and public employees, we must take care to exhibit the highest ethical standards of conduct in carrying out our duties and to avoid rigorously any conduct that might produce even the appearance of the misuse of our Rutgers positions to further our own personal interests.

The New Jersey Conflicts of Interest Law, which is generally applicable to all Rutgers employees, emphasizes the need to educate public employees in ethical standards. Accordingly, Rutgers has introduced this Ethics Armor platform to assist faculty and staff in complying with the State ethics requirements and all faculty and staff are urged to cooperate and participate in this effort.

NOTE: A system maintenance window is scheduled for Fridays after 5:00 pm Eastern Time and users are encouraged to plan accordingly to avoid that maintenance window as the system may be unavailable.

If you have questions about the program please contact the Ethics Office at (732) 743-3344 or email the office at ethics@uec.rutgers.edu